New publication

Marco’s paper presented at ECAI (European Conference on Artificial Intelligence) has been published (acceptance rate was 27%):

Tamassia, M., Zambetta, F., Raffe, W., Mueller, F., Li, X. Dynamic Choice of State Abstraction in Q-Learning. Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2016), IOS Press. 46–54.



New book chapters in “Serious Games”

We have co-authored two chapters in the book “Serious Games”:

Philip Mildner and Florian Mueller. Design of Serious Games. Book chapter in: Serious Games: Foundations, Concepts and Practice, Ralf Dörner et al. Eds. Springer International Publishing, 2016, 57-82.

Josef Wiemeyer, Lennart Nacke, Christiane Moser and Florian Mueller. Player Experience. Book chapter in: Serious Games: Foundations, Concepts and Practice, Ralf Dörner et al. Eds. Springer International Publishing, 2016, 243-271.



Our CHI PLAY publications

We will present two full papers and a work-in-progress at CHI PLAY 2016 in Austin, Tx, USA:

Byrne, R., Marshall, J., Mueller, F. Balance Ninja: Towards the Design of Digital Vertigo Games via Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. CHI PLAY 2016. Full paper. ACM.

Huerga, R.S., Lade, J., Mueller, F. Designing Play to Support Hospitalized Children. CHI PLAY 2016. Full paper. ACM.

Andres, J., de Hoog, J., von Känel, J., Berk, J., Le, B., Wang, X., Mueller, F. Exploring Human – eBike Interaction to Support Rider Autonomy. CHI PLAY 2016. Work-in-Progress. ACM. 85-92.


Fellowships available

RMIT_LOGO_smallWe are looking for emerging researchers as part of our Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme (details below). We are therefore seeking emerging researchers interested in human-player interactions, in particular the intersection between HCI/Interaction design and games, especially play experiences that put the body in the centre of the experience. If interested, please contact us via email with the words “FELLOWSHIP” in uppercase in the subject field to discuss mutual research interests along with your CV well before the deadline below.

Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

RMIT University is now inviting applications from emerging researchers who have the potential to become high performing researchers.  Applications close:  4 September 2016.

These 3 year Fellowships are aimed at recent PhD graduates with up to 5 years’ experience post award of PhD (relative to opportunity) or those who will shortly satisfy the requirements for the award of PhD. Fellowship recipients will be located in Schools and undertaking research which is aligned with at least one of RMIT’s 8 Enabling Capability Platforms.


The Research and Innovation Portfolio will fund 100% of salary and on-costs (up to Academic level B/2) for a period of three years, plus a research support allowance of  $10,000 per annum for the three years.

The School will support the Fellow with:

  •  a research only position, embedded in a high performing research team for at least the duration of their VC Postdoctoral Fellowship;
  •  any relocation and visa costs;
  •  workplanning which includes mentoring and research training and development planning;
  •  full support for the appointee as per any academic staff member, including but not limited to, space and infrastructure sufficient for the position.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, or the VC Outstanding Researcher Scheme more generally, please visit the website.

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