Be a Victorian gentleman (or woman) in the digital age.

Enter Duel Reality and hook yourself onto the hat.

Become physically aware and outsmart your opponent.


Duel Reality is a digitally enabled sword-fighting game. It explores how we could create compelling exertion gameplay by intentionally hiding biofeedback and other forms of real-time body data from the players, but not their opponents.

In our game the data coming from a body sensor (think heart rate sensors etc.) determines where the opponent should hit you. However, you do not see this information yourself, so you will have to observe your body to figure out what your body is doing. If players had perfect knowledge of this data, they could easily defend themselves. However, since a player has no direct feedback from the sensors, their defense is weakened by their imperfect knowledge.

Rather than trying to reduce the disparity between a player’s physical state and their awareness of that state, we use our game as a platform to study ways to harness this disparity to create novel gameplay.