Cart-Load-O-Fun is a project that explores the intersection between play and commuting on public transport.

Travelling on public transport can often be an unengaging experience. We see an opportunity to enrich the commuting experience by exploring play in this space, and aim to deploy a social exertion game designed for public transport. Our game will act as a research vehicle to explore the ways in which digital games that incorporate both the commuter’s body and the social setting can enhance the experience of unconventional play spaces, in this case, public transport. We aim to provide guidance for game designers who consider unconventional play spaces such as trains and trams, evoking playfulness in users of these spaces, allowing for a more engaging experience.

Cart-Load-O-Fun is currently work in progress and is brought to you by Chad Toprak, Joshua Platt and Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller with the help of Yang Ho and Eric Dittloff and support from the members of the lab.


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Media coverage

New Scientist, May 2013 (click here for the online version)