ANTI-BODY on vimeo

Work in pairs. Put on your protective gear. Take your position and get ready to GET INFECTED!
Once the infection takes hold, work with your partner to generate an ANTI-BODY so you can fight to stay alive.

In this game, fighting means moving. Can you work out what you need to do? Can you hold out long enough to
make it worthwhile, or will you die trying?

ANTI-BODY is anti-competitive. The focus is on collaboration not competition. If one of you dies, you both die.
How long can you survive? Can you fight off the infection long enough to get through to the next level? Can you
help your partner stay alive? Can you work out how to move to hold things back or move things forward?
Are you ready to die?

Research Focus: Commercial interactive games products are now in many people’s homes. Control for these
games has moved beyond devices such as joysticks and other finger-controlled peripherals (Atari, Gameboy and
Playstation), to gestural controllers (Nintendo Wii), and device-free full-body engagement (Microsoft Xbox and
Sony Eyetoy). Yet all of these systems require the participant to orient their attention towards a screen. Our
research asks what might happen if the body is the controller, the screen, and the site for play.

Development Team:
Danielle Wilde, project leader • Alexander Perrin, artist and game designer • Atticus Bastow, sound design
Chris Jones and Christopher ‘Kit’ Mackenzie programming, building on initial work by Chris Berry