“iScream!” is a novel capacitive-sensing ice cream cone that plays different sounds when eating ice cream, supporting a positive and playful relationship with food. The system supports multiple sounds and works with any ice cream. In our study, we examined how players explored the different auditory interaction possibilities with their eating actions while the different sounds in turn modified those eating actions.

With our work, we demonstrate how interactive technology can be used to draw attention to the food, which is a key strategy for mindful eating that advocates an enjoyable relationship with food in order to prevent mindless eating, where we just eat without paying attention to it, which can result in eating disorders or overeating.


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We thank Joseph La Delfa for plenty of support and Alex Joseski for help with the video.


Mindful eating technology could help some of us avoid eating disorders. RMIT News. https://www.rmit.edu.au/news/all-news/2019/oct/mindful-eating-technology