DIS 2024

We are presenting the following works at DIS 2024:

Patibanda, R., Overdevest, N., Nisal, S., Saini, A., Elvitigala, D., Knibbe, J., van den Hoven, E., Mueller, F. Shared Bodily Fusion: Leveraging Inter-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Social Play. DIS 2024. Long paper. ACM.

van Rheden, V., Reidsma, D., Elbaek, L., Lallemand, C., Vidal, L., Matviienko, A., Elvitigala, D., Daiber, F., Zambetta, F., Mueller, F. Why Movement-Based Design!? Exploring Methods and Experiences in MBD. DIS 2024. Workshop (organizing). ACM.

He, L., Wang, H., Goodwin, S., Tag, B., Elvitigala, D. Pedalling into the Future: Towards Enhancing Cycling Experience Using Augmented Reality. DIS 2024. Work-in-progress. ACM.

Saini, A., van den Hoven, E., Mueller, F. PneuExtensio: Designing Pneumatic-based Bodily Extensions to Facilitate Embodiment across Everyday Life Experiences. DIS 2024. Doctoral Consortium. ACM.