Presenting at CHI PLAY’17

We presented our 2 papers, Student Game Competition, Work-in-Progress and Spotlight submission at CHI PLAY’17 in Amsterdam! Here is a photo of Zhuying and Felix presenting their latest “Guts” game, for which they designed their own T-Shirts.

Brandmueller, F., Li, Z. Guts Game – A Game using Ingestible Sensors. CHI PLAY 2017. Student Game Competition Finalist. 7 pages.

Li, Z., Brandmueller, F., Mueller, F., Greuter, S. Ingestible Games – Swallowing a Digital Sensor to Play a Game CHI PLAY 2017. Work in Progress. 8 pages.

Sargeant, B., Mueller, F., Dwyer, J., Using HTC Vive and TouchDesigner to Projection-Map Moving Objects in 3D Space: A Playful Participatory Artwork. CHI PLAY 2017. Spotlight. 11 pages.

Patibanda, R., Mueller, F., Leskovsek, M., Duckworth, J. Life Tree: Understanding the Design of Breathing Exercise Games. CHI PLAY 2017. Long paper. 13 pages.

Mueller, F., Tan, C., Byrne, R., Jones, M. 13 Game Lenses for Designing Diverse Interactive Jogging Systems. CHI PLAY 2017. Long paper. 14 pages.



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