Jogging at CHI’17

jogging_chi2016Coming to CHI’17?

If you are packing for CHI, here is your chance to bring your running shoes for another “Jogging at CHI” event!

As in previous years, we are again organizing a jog around the conference venue to discuss interactive technology and sports. We invite you to bring your running gear with you (and any jogging apps, sportswatches, your own prototype, …) and we meet onWednesday, 10 May, 17:50 in front of room 301

(where you can leave your bags) and jog from there. So bring your runners, either get changed at your hotel during the break before or use the toilets next to the room, we’ll leave shortly after for a run around the venue outside. We have done this four times in the past and everyone involved seemed to have enjoyed this “alternative” format of talking HCI and sports while getting some exercise at CHI.

We’ll be running for approx. 30min and we have plans to accommodate those who want to jog slower/faster/further/not that long etc. All jogging levels will be catered for! The goal is to actively shape the future of the field of sports-HCI.

Unfortunately, this year our request to make it a SIG and therefore official part of the program was rejected due to it “creating an insurance liability for ACM”. Therefore we point out that this is not an official CHI event and hope that you enjoy it regardless of ACM endorsement.

Hope to see you there,
Floyd, Rohit, Joe, Jakob & Stina

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