The Playground

Betty and Justin are presenting the Playground! The Playground is an interactive media art project that features a co-designed sculpture, interactive projection mapping and public participation. A prototype of The Playground was exhibited at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017 (State Library of Victoria), where we ran a week of play, creative technologies and art activities. During Melbourne Knowledge Week sculptural pieces were hidden around the State Library of Victoria. The public was invited to find these small sculptural pieces, bring them into the Festival Hub and connect them onto a central sculpture.

The Playground‘s next exhibition will be at 101 Barkly Street, Ararat, Australia, 12-20 August, 2017. This event will feature workshops and an interactive prototype presentation

The public can also connect their small sculptural piece onto the large central sculpture. All photos that have been uploaded by the public will be projection mapped onto the central sculpture.

Through The Playground we seek to personalise audience’s experience of art and technology.



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