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Exertion Cards

The Exertion Cards are “Things to Think About” when it comes to designing exertion games. They are design tools for the creation of exertion games, helping game designers create novel and engaging games for the active human body. They can inspire the creative process, provide a vocabulary to articulate design options, and support arguing design choices. The Exertion Cards were successfully used by over 130 designers (incl. game design and interaction design students and practitioners from Microsoft and Nokia) demonstrating their utility. We have used them in the lab as part of our work, and make them available for the community to use for free. More details on how to use them are in the publication below.

Exertion Cards in PDF format to take with you on your mobile phone, tablet etc.

Exertion Cards in PDF format for printing on A4.


The Exertion Cards were developed with terrific support from Darren Edge at Microsoft Research Asia and Martin R. Gibbs and Frank Vetere at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Image credits go to: Lana Dauberman, Kerin Bryant, flickr users: sanAago_sa, bass_nroll, ilmv, 91651935@N00, braytonlaw, allenjaelee, trioculus, jasmic, microsoQ_xbox360_natal1, oblivion, tomeppy, sportswatchinformant, ben_lawson, teotwawki, mirsasha, romec1, drsam, Joan%20Guzman, mirsasha, sportsandsocial, shawdog.


Mueller, F., Gibbs, M.R., Vetere, F., Edge, D. 2014. Supporting the Creative Game Design Process with Exertion Cards. CHI 2014. Long paper. 10 pages. 30 sec preview video.