Fluito is an extended reality floatation tank system for enriched wellness experiences.

Dancing Delicacies “magically” moves food items on a plate to bring chefs and diners closer together.

Logic Bonbon features edible AND, OR and XOR gates to change the dessert’s flavour on the fly.

Sonic Straws enriches drinking out of straws through playful sounds.

WeScream! is musical ice cream for couples to highlight the joy of eating together.

Ena, the EEG-eBike, combines EEG with an eBike to make cycling more enjoyable and safer.

Ari, the green-light eBike, uses smart city data to help cyclists cross all traffic lights when they are green.

Ava, the eBike, is an augmented eBike that supports the experiential aspects of cycling.

Neo-Noumena uses AI, AR and BCI to help people communicate about their emotions.

Meditative Drones explore the use of drones to support our bodily experiences.

Boss Battle is an AR game that reduces perceived waiting time in theme park queues by a factor of 5.

iScream! explores the use of sound in combination with ice cream for interactive eating as play.

HeatCraft explores the potential of heat for ingestible games.

The Guts Game is a digital game that uses ingestible sensors to highlight emerging opportunities to design novel bodily experiences.

InterDream explores the use of VR to support interactive sleep.

Arm-a-Dine is a social eating system that uses an on-body third arm to explore augmented eating experiences.

Balance Ninja demonstrates how to use galvanic vestibular stimulation to facilitate engaging digital vertigo experiences.

Life Tree is a VR game to practice the pursed-lip breathing technique.

Brainwave Art is a workshop system that aims to help educate people about the importance of sleep and helps them connect with their resting mind.

Dream 2.2 is an audio-visual performance and interactive art installation that imagines a future where instead of sleeping, people stay awake to experience being inside others’ dreams.

The Playground is a participatory media artwork that features a co-designed sculpture, interactive projection mapping and public participation to personalise people’s experiences of art and technology.

The Storytelling Machine transforms the public’s drawings into animated characters that roam the artwork’s video worlds, aiming to reflect practices used in social media critically.

You Better Eat to Survive! is a two-player virtual reality game that involves eating real food, demonstrating that eating can be an intriguing interaction technique to enrich VR experiences.

Movement-based Game Guidelines is a website that presents 10 concrete guidelines to aid designers in creating engaging games involving bodily action.

Exertion Cards is a game design tool for exertion games in the form of design cards, providing game designers with ideas for creating novel and engaging exertion games.

LumaHelm explores how a helmet equipped with sensors and lights can make wearing a helmet more fun.

Joggobot is a flying social robot that accompanies joggers to enhance the running experience.

Half Court Show is a project that introduces a score counter which tracks the total number of baskets scored each day on a public, outdoor, half court basketball court.

UnoJoy! is a platform for rapidly prototyping video game controllers, allowing designers to easily explore new ways of interacting with games.

Cart-Load-O-Fun is a research project that explores the intersection between play and commuting in public transport.

Copy Paste Skate is a research project to enhance the skateboarding experience for skaters and other urban space users.

Hanging off a Bar is an exertion game that plays with the idea of hanging over a wild river, projected underneath the player.

SweatAtoms is a research project that explores auto-topographical representations of everyday physical activity through 3D-printing.

TastyBeats is a research project that explores fluidic representations of everyday physical activity by creating mock-tail that matches heartbeats of a person during physical activity.

Bubble Popper is an exertion game that combines the magic of popping bubbles with a merged physical-virtual social space.

Musical Embrace is a digital game that uses social awkwardness promoted through close bodily interactions as successful game element.

i-dentity is a digital game that explores how innominate representation can be used as a game element to extend the range of digital movement games and further the associated player experiences.

Laughter Tree is a game based on a laugh therapy activity. The project explores how the interrelation between bodily self-expression and body image can be used to facilitate play for sick children through digital games.

ANTI-BODY is an anti-competitive game where the body is the screen, the controller and the site for play. Come get infected and fight for your life.

Regaine is a project that allows injured sports players continue to participate in activities with their teams while carrying out their rehabilitation.

Duel Reality is a sword-fighting game that investigates how we can design digital exertion games that promote awareness of the body.

Open Heart Cycling is an experiment were you cannot see your own heart rate, but your fellow sportspeople can.

Waterfall climber is an exertion game that combines elements of a platform game with traditional rock-climbing.