Our CHI PLAY publications

We will present two full papers and a work-in-progress at CHI PLAY 2016 in Austin, Tx, USA:

Byrne, R., Marshall, J., Mueller, F. Balance Ninja: Towards the Design of Digital Vertigo Games via Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. CHI PLAY 2016. Full paper. ACM.

Huerga, R.S., Lade, J., Mueller, F. Designing Play to Support Hospitalized Children. CHI PLAY 2016. Full paper. ACM.

Andres, J., de Hoog, J., von Känel, J., Berk, J., Le, B., Wang, X., Mueller, F. Exploring Human – eBike Interaction to Support Rider Autonomy. CHI PLAY 2016. Work-in-Progress. ACM. 85-92.


Fellowships available

RMIT_LOGO_smallWe are looking for emerging researchers as part of our Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship Scheme (details below). We are therefore seeking emerging researchers interested in human-player interactions, in particular the intersection between HCI/Interaction design and games, especially play experiences that put the body in the centre of the experience. If interested, please contact us via email with the words “FELLOWSHIP” in uppercase in the subject field to discuss mutual research interests along with your CV well before the deadline below.

Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

RMIT University is now inviting applications from emerging researchers who have the potential to become high performing researchers.  Applications close:  4 September 2016.

These 3 year Fellowships are aimed at recent PhD graduates with up to 5 years’ experience post award of PhD (relative to opportunity) or those who will shortly satisfy the requirements for the award of PhD. Fellowship recipients will be located in Schools and undertaking research which is aligned with at least one of RMIT’s 8 Enabling Capability Platforms.


The Research and Innovation Portfolio will fund 100% of salary and on-costs (up to Academic level B/2) for a period of three years, plus a research support allowance of  $10,000 per annum for the three years.

The School will support the Fellow with:

  •  a research only position, embedded in a high performing research team for at least the duration of their VC Postdoctoral Fellowship;
  •  any relocation and visa costs;
  •  workplanning which includes mentoring and research training and development planning;
  •  full support for the appointee as per any academic staff member, including but not limited to, space and infrastructure sufficient for the position.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, or the VC Outstanding Researcher Scheme more generally, please visit the website.


Floyd visiting Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller is visiting the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, in particular Narcis Pares from the Cognitive Media Technologies Group, who are famous for their interactive playground works, especially the interactive slide, on Fri, 22 Jul 2016.



Talk at RMIT Europe

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller is giving a talk on “Designing Interactions for an Active Human Body” at RMIT Europe in Barcelona, Spain, on 21 Jul 2016, 1pm.


Adventure paper accepted to Ubicomp’16

The Adventure paper by Floyd and Sarah has been accepted to Ubicomp’16, to be presented in Heidelberg, Germany, in September. Acceptance rate was 23.9%.

Summary: Based on an earthquake-interrupted Mt. Everest expedition, we propose seeing adventure-technology through 2 dimensions (expected-unexpected and instrumental-experiential) and identify four roles: technology as coach, rescuer, documentarian and mentor.

Mueller, F., Pell, S.J. Technology meets Adventure: Learnings from an Earthquake-Interrupted Mt. Everest Expedition. Ubicomp’16, ACM, 12 pages


Floyd on the radio today

Floyd is going to be on the radio today talking about mixed-reality games and in particular Pokemon Go:

4.30 pm AEST on 90.7 FM for Panorama, SYN‘s flagship news and current affairs show.


Betty wins Consensus Innovation Award!

Betty has won the Consensus Innovation Award!

Justin picked up the award last night in Sydney for Betty (while she is still in Beijing) and delivered the acceptance speech for her.

“The Consensus Innovation Awards recognise excellence in Australian and New Zealand companies. The stringent  judging process focuses on innovation, performance and potential. The 2016 award was presented to Betty Sargeant in recognition of the ‘rigorous research’ behind the design of her children’s educational story app ‘How Far is Up?’. The award also recognises the innovative nature, performance and the wider market potential of Betty’s work.”

Consensus is the organizer of Consensus Awards and was established in 1999 and runs 7 Awards Programs, all focused on identifying the most innovative technology designed and developed in Australia. Consensus have over 120 registered judges and an envious track record (9 out of 10) of identifying the best technologies that have gone on to perform exceptionally well internationally. They call it: “The Most Successful Awards Program in the World”.


Jogging at CHI’16

Thank you everyone who participated in our Jogging at CHI SIG in San Jose, it was a wonderful day to run and talk about sports and HCI!

Mueller, F., Marshall, J.,Khot, R.A., Nylander, S., Tholander, J. Jogging at CHI. CHI 2016. SIG Special Interest Group (organizing). 4 pages


Our works at DIS’16

We will present the following works at DIS 2016 (ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems) in Brisbane, Australia:

Khot, R.A., Andres, J., Lai, J., Kaenel, J.v. and Mueller, F. Fantibles: Capturing Cricket Fan’s Story in 3D. DIS 2016. Long paper. 883-894

Marshall, J., Dancu, A. and Mueller, F. Interaction in Motion: Designing Truly Mobile Interaction. DIS 2016. Long paper. 215-228

Byrne, R. Designing Digital Vertigo Games. DIS 2016 Conference Companion Publication. Doctoral Consortium. 25-26

Cheklin, M., Mueller, F. and Greuter, S. Designing Mediated Nurturing Play with Dogs to Alleviate Workplace Stress. DIS 2016 Conference Companion Publication. 153-156



Our CHI’16 talks are up!

Here is David’s talk at CHI 2016:

David talks about how he used a novel augmented table tennis table to allow players with different skills to play together at CHI’16 in San Jose, USA.

Altimira, D., Mueller, F., Clarke, J., Lee, G., Billinghurst, M., Bartneck, C. Digitally Augmenting Sports: An Opportunity for Exploring and Understanding Novel Balancing Techniques. CHI 2016. Long paper. 11 pages.

Katherine Isbister and Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller at CHI 2016:

Katherine and Floyd talk about 10 movement-based game guidelines and what movement means for the future of HCI.

Isbister, K., Mueller, F. Guidelines for the Design of Movement-Based Games and Their Relevance to HCI. Human Computer Interaction 30(3-4) 2015 journal article, presented at CHI 2016.


CHI’16: Bring your jogging shoes for our Sports-HCI session!

jogging_at_chiWe are again organizing a Special Interest Group (SIG) at CHI’16 in San Jose: “Jogging at CHI”.
Like in previous years, we will be jogging around the conference venue while we discuss interactive technology and sports. We invite you to bring your running gear with you (and any jogging apps, sportswatches, your own prototype, …) and we meet on
Wednesday, 11 May, 16:30 in front of room 112
(where you can leave your bags) and jog from there. So bring your runners, either get changed at your hotel during the break before or use the toilets next to the room, we’ll leave the conference venue at approx. 16:45 for a run around the venue outside.
We have done this three times in the past and everyone involved seemed to have enjoyed this “alternative” format of a SIG while getting some exercise at CHI.
We’ll be running for approx. 30min and we have plans to accommodate those who want to jog slower/faster/further/not that long etc. All jogging levels will be catered for!
HCI is increasingly paying attention to sports, and more and more CHI attendees are aiming to maintain being physically active while attending CHI. In response, we offer a SIG on the topic of sports-HCI and conduct it in a sportive way: we will go out of the conference venue and jog around San Jose while discussing the role of HCI in relation to sports. The goal is to actively shape the future of the field of sports-HCI.
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