Workshop at CHI’19

Josh is co-organizing a workshop at CHI’19 in Glasgow, UK:

The Body as Starting Point:

Applying Inside Body Knowledge for Inbodied Design – Sunday, May 5 at CHI 2019, Glasgow, UK

Inbodied design is an emerging area in HCI, focusing on using knowledge of the body’s internal systems and processes to inform em-bodied and circum-bodied design. This hands-on, cross-domain workshop will enable participants to take the body as a starting point to create novel and beneficial experiences for the human body.

Imagine how we might:

use sleep to help us improve spatial navigation – tuning an internal GPS
use movement and eating to be more creative – building the gut-brain axis
use social endocrinology to help introverts & extraverts get along right away
build gut-feeling sensitivity to improve decision-making
use temperature to improve memory
Think about cycles of use to use technology to get off technology for self-health maintenance?

What would interactive systems that foster these approaches look like?

To address these kinds of questions, it really helps to know a few things about how we work under our integumentary system, as the physio-neuro-electro-chemical social systems we are.

Come to this workshop to contribute your knowledge, build new ideas and skills, and use this workshop to explore,  practice and build this new area of HCI, when we take the body as a starting point.

1 day workshop – short position papers due feb 21

We look forward to seeing you.

Josh Andres – IBM Research & Exertion Games Lab RMIT.
m.c. schraefel – WellthLab University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
Aaron Tabor – HCI Lab, Institute of Biomedical Engineering. University of New Brunswick
Eric B. Hekler – CWPHS, Design Lab, QI & FMPH, University of California, San Diego