Our work at CHI’19

We will be presenting the following works at CHI’19 in Glasgow, UK:

Li, Z., Wang, Y., Wang, W., Chen, W., Hoang, T., Greuter, S., Mueller, F. HeatCraft: Designing Playful Experiences with Ingestible Sensors via Localized Thermal Stimuli. CHI 2019. Long paper. ACM. Video.

Semertzidis, N., Sargeant, B., Dwyer, J., Mueller, F., Zambetta, F. Towards Understanding the Design of Positive Pre-sleep Through a Neurofeedback Artistic Experience. CHI 2019. Long paper. ACM. Video.

Mueller, F., Li, Z., Byrne, R., Mehta, Y., Arnold, P., Kari, T. A 2nd Person Social Perspective on Bodily Play. CHI 2019. Long paper. ACM.

Marshall, J., Benford, S., Byrne, R., Tennent, P. Sensory Alignment in Immersive Entertainment. CHI 2019. Long paper. ACM.

La Delfa, J., Wichtowski, O., Baytas, M., Khot, R., Mueller, F. Are Drones Meditative? CHI 2019. Interactivity. ACM. Video.

Wang, Y., Li, Z., Jarvis, B., Khot, R., Mueller, F. iScream!: Towards the Design of Playful Gustosonic Experiences with Ice Cream. CHI 2019. Interactivity. ACM. Video.

Khot, R., Arza, E., Kurra, H. and Wang, Y. FoBo: Towards Designing a Robotic Companion for Solo Dining. CHI 2019. Late-Breaking Work. ACM.

Andres, J., Schraefel, m.c., Tabor, A., Hekler, E. The Body as Starting Point: Applying Inside Body Knowledge for Inbodied Design. CHI 2019. Workshop (organizing). ACM.