SBS filmed the LumaHelm today

The LumaHelm gets a lot of attention right now, today SBS filmed the LumaHelm for the World News program, including Sebastiaan skating with it! Furthermore, Wouter gave a phone interview about the LumaHelm to a Dutch radiostation, and tonight, both Alan and Wouter will talk about the Exertion Games Lab and the LumaHelm on RRR radio.


Joggobot on Channel 10 Breakfast TV, tomorrow 7.50am

Channel 10’s Breakfast TV show will be filming the Joggobot tomorrow morning, Wed 13 June, 7.50am right outside the Exertion Games Lab. The interview with Chad and Floyd will be streamed to the Sydney studio and from there broadcasted live, so tune in tomorrow morning!


Even more media coverage: DailyMail, Discovery, IEEE, PopSci, …

Joggobot received even more media coverage! Most of my day now consists of answering questions from the media.

Daily Mail UK:


IEEE Spectrum:

PopSci (Australian Popular Science): 


The Exertion Games Lab on the ABC1

The Exertion Games Lab is featured on tonight’s Catalyst program on the ABC1. Catalyst is a science program “that sees science as a dynamic force changing our world”, and will feature the Joggobot project. We are on Thursday, 24 May 8pm and Friday, 25 May 11am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne).

  • Could your future jogging partner be a robot? Graham Phillips dons his trainers and hits the track with the help of a flying machine called Joggobot.–ABC1 website

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