Talk by Ruth Huerga

Ruth Huerga will be giving a talk about her prior work on

Tuesday, 24 April, 1-2pm in the Exertion Games Lab.

Ruth Huerga is doing a Masters at RMIT and spends a lot of time in the lab as she brings in expertise in interactive storytelling and embodied poetry, currently working on a project with children in hospital.


Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller is giving a guest lecture on Research and (Game)Design

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller is giving a guest lecture in the Research and Practice lecture series organised by Chris Barker on Thu, 12 Apr 2012, at RMIT in Bldg. 13, Room 1, from 5.30-6.30pm. Floyd will be talking about how the Exertion Games Lab’s games are not as much ready-made solutions to problems, but rather research vehicles to generate knowledge. This knowledge then allows others, such as game designers to be guided towards their own solutions and inspires industry towards thinking outside their comfort zone.


“Once Upon A Spacetime” receives Independent Games Festival’s “Honorable Mention”

Kalonica Quigley and her team, who are currently working on a new health and safety game with Stefan Greuter in the Exertion Games Lab, received an “Honorable Mention” for their “Once Upon A Spacetime” PC/Mac game at the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco, USA:

‘2012 Independent Games Festival Announces Student Showcase Winners’

Abstract editing session

We will be having another abstract editing session!

Wednesday, 11 April, 12.30-1.30 in the Exertion Games Lab.

If you have an abstract you’d like to get feedback on, please print out ca. 6 copies, double-spaced, and bring them along. We will then edit each others’ abstracts, to make them even greater! Everyone welcome.



Reading Group: Douglas Wilson – “Now It’s Personal: On Abusive Game Design”

Games & Play Reading Group meets will now be held on Fridays 12:30-1:30pm every week.

 HOWEVER, since this Friday is Good Friday, RMIT will be closed. Only for this week we will be holding the meet on Thursday 12:30-1:30pm.
Please find below details for our upcoming meet:
Douglas Wilson – “Now It’s Personal: On Abusive Game Design” – FuturePlay 2010.
Date: Thursday 5th April, 12:30-1:30pm

Yummy vegetarian sandwiches from Pearson & Murphy’s provided.


Lunch talk: 10 tips on how (not) to write a full paper

On Wednesday, 4 April 2012, Wouter will be giving a little talk about what he learnt from writing a full paper. He will pass on knowledge from others, which he “wilfully ignored in my own process but now wholeheartedly support”, as well as share his own lessons.

Feel free to bring your own sandwich, sushi roll or lunch salad. (Good) coffee + tea will be provided.
Also feel free to bring in personal questions and challenges around paper writing that you’d like to discuss.
The facts:
Where: Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University, Building 9, level 1, room 27
When: Wednesday, 4-4-2012, 1pm–2pm

Reading Group

This week’s Reading Group takes place on Thursday, 29 March 2012, at a new time-slot: 12.30-1.30. Rhys will be leading the discussion on the CHI paper “Practical, Appropriate, Empirically-Validated Guidelines for Designing Educational Games”. Lunch provided. Email Rhys if you don’t have access to the paper.


Lunch Talk: 10 Tips on How (Not) to Write a Paper

On Wednesday (4-Apr-2012) Wouter from our lab will be giving a little talk about his learnings from writing a full paper with very little training in paper writing.

Feel free to bring your own sandwich, sushi roll or lunch salad. (Good) coffee + tea will be provided. Also feel free to bring in personal questions and challenges around paper writing that you’d like to discuss.

The facts:
Where: Building 9, Level 1, Room 27/32, RMIT City Campus
When: Wednesday, 4-Apr-2012, 1pm–2pm

Harry talks about his experience at GDC (and SWSX)

Harry won a prestigious Spirit of Youth Australia award from Qantas to attend the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, USA and South by South West Interactive in Austin, USA. He will talk about his experiences and what he learned for his game design work in the Exertion Games Lab on Wed, 28th Mar 2012, from 1pm-2pm. Everyone welcome, bring your lunch!



Chad interviewed

Chad gave a great interview today about the lab and his work on Exertion Games on public transport in response to Get Active month, you can read all about it here.


Danielle received two awards today

Danielle from the Exertion Games Lab has been awarded a grant from the Copyright Agency Career Fund to attend CHI in Austin, Texas in May and her Doctoral Thesis, Swing That Thing : moving to move. The poetics of embodied engagement, has been awarded the Monash University Vice-Chancellor’s Mollie Holman Medal for best doctoral thesis. Congratulations!


Publications at CHI

The CHI 2012 notification emails are out.
We are happy to announce that the following 8 papers came from authors from the Exertion Games Lab.

ABC’s Catalyst TV crew shooting the Joggobot

Today the ABC’s Catalyst TV crew visited the Exertion Games Lab to shoot video footage of Joggobot, the flying robot that is a social companion for joggers.

Catalyst is a program that sees science as a dynamic force changing our world.” They were very engaged, and spent the entire day in the lab, shooting footage of how we developed the idea of Joggobot, people’s perceptions of the Joggobot on a running track (see picture) and tested it themselves in our gym.

Unfortunately Eberhard, the main creator behind Joggobot could not have been there, but we highlighted him many times!



New poster for the lab

The Exertion Games Lab has a new poster! Thanks to Jonathan Marques and Tim Jeffs, who did a wonderful job. Josh, Chad and Harry already used it to display the many projects at the last conference they exhibited at.


Eberhard is leaving XGL

Eberhard Graether has finished his 3-month internship with us at the XGL and will be heading back to Austria in a few days. In the short period he was here, he became an integral part of the ‘exertion gang’ and we will miss his witty and ever-critical attitude.

To commemorate his presence in this lab, we took this group photo last Friday, in poses not uncommon to the lab:
XGL team

We wish Eberhard all the best and hope he will keep on developing exciting game concepts, exertion-based or otherwise!

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