TEI 2020 publications

We will be presenting the following publications at TEI 2020 (The ACM SIGCHI conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) in Sydney, Australia:

Mueller, F., Wang, Y., Li, Z., Kari, T., Arnold, P., Mehta, Y., Marquez, J., Khot, R. Towards Experiencing Eating as Play. TEI 2020. Long paper. ACM.

Mueller, F., Kari, T., Li, Z., Wang, Y., Mehta, Y., Andres, J., Marquez, J., Patibanda, R. Towards Designing Bodily Integrated Play. TEI 2020. Long paper. ACM.

Mueller, F., Matjeka, L., Wang, Y., Andres, J., Li, Z., Marquez, J., Jarvis, B., Pijnappel, S., Patibanda, R., Khot, R. “Erfahrung & Erlebnis”: Understanding the Bodily Play Experience through German Lexicon. TEI 2020. Long paper. ACM.

Andres, J., Patibanda, R., schraefel, m.c., Mueller, F. Inbodied Interaction for Human Performance and Future Bodies. TEI 2020. Workshop. ACM.


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