Presentations at CHI’21

We will present the following works at CHI’21:

Mueller, F., Patibanda, R., Byrne, R., Li, Z., Wang, Y., Andres, J., Li, X., Marquez, J., Greuter, S., Duckworth, J., Marshall, J. Limited control over the body as intriguing play design resource. CHI 2021. Long paper. ACM

Mueller, F., Khot, R. Dwyer, T., Goodwin, S., Marriott, K. Deng, J., Phan, H., Lin, J., Chen, K., Wang, Y. Data as delight: eating data. CHI 2021. Long paper. ACM

Strengers, Y., Sadowski, J., Li, Z., Shimshak, A., Mueller, F. What can HCI learn from sexual consent? A Feminist Process of Embodied Consent for Interactions with Emerging Technologies. CHI 2021. Long paper. ACM

Khot, R. A., Hjorth, L., Mueller, F. Shelfie: A Framework for Designing Material Representations of Physical Activity Data. TOCHI. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interactions, Vol. 27, No. 3, Article 14, May 2020. 1-52. Presented at CHI 2021. ACM.

Byrne, R., Marshall, J., Mueller, F. Designing Digital Vertigo Experiences. TOCHI. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interactions, Vol. 27, No. 3, Article 19, May 2020. 1-30. Presented at CHI 2021. ACM.

Deng, J., Olivier, P., Mueller, F. Design of Cyber Food: Beginning to Understand Food as Computational Artifact. CHI 2021. Late-breaking work. ACM.

Li, X., Chen, Y., Patibanda, R., Mueller, F. vrCAPTCHA: Exploring CAPTCHA Designs in Virtual Reality. CHI 2021. Interactivity. ACM

Semertzidis, N., Scary, M., Fang, X., Wang, X., Patibanda, R., Andres, J., Strohmeier, P., Kunze, K., Lopes, P., Zambetta, F., Mueller, F. SIGHInt: Special Interest Group for Human-Computer Integration. CHI 2021. Special Interest Group (SIG). ACM

Peng, V. Wigglears: Wiggle your ears with your emotions. CHI 2021. Student Game Competition. ACM

Silvester, T. Playing with Drones: Towards understanding the design of drone-based pervasive play. CHI 2021. Student Game Competition. ACM

Deng, J., Wang, Y., Velasco, C., Bertran, F., Comber, R., Obrist, M., Isbister, K., Spence, C., Mueller, F. The Future of Human-Food Interaction. CHI 2021. Workshop (organizing). ACM

Danry, V., Pataranutaporn, P., Horowitz, A., Strohmeier, P., Andres, J., Patibanda, R., Li, Z., Semertzidis, N., Nakamura, T., Nishida, J., Lopes, P., Leon, F., Won, A., Svanaes, D., Mueller, F., Maes, P., Leigh, S. Do Cyborgs dream of Electric Limbs? Experiential Factors in Human-Computer Integration Design and Evaluation. CHI 2021. Workshop (organizing). ACM

van Rheden, V., Grah, T., Meschtscherjakov, A., Patibanda, R., Liu, W., Daiber, F., van den Hoven, E., Mueller, F. Out of Your Mind!? Embodied Interaction in Sports. CHI 2021. Workshop (organizing). ACM