Our CHI PLAY publications

We will present two full papers and a work-in-progress at CHI PLAY 2016 in Austin, Tx, USA:

Byrne, R., Marshall, J., Mueller, F. Balance Ninja: Towards the Design of Digital Vertigo Games via Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. CHI PLAY 2016. Full paper. ACM.

Huerga, R.S., Lade, J., Mueller, F. Designing Play to Support Hospitalized Children. CHI PLAY 2016. Full paper. ACM.

Andres, J., de Hoog, J., von Känel, J., Berk, J., Le, B., Wang, X., Mueller, F. Exploring Human – eBike Interaction to Support Rider Autonomy. CHI PLAY 2016. Work-in-Progress. ACM. 85-92.


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