Hanging off a Bar: new version!

Last night we created a new and improved version of “Hanging off a Bar” in a 1-night hackathon. The goal of the game is to “hang on” as long as you can, not letting go and falling into the virtual river below you. There are some rafts coming by from time to time, on which you can jump to rest, but you have to be quick, as they keep moving and you have to jump back up onto the bar. Winner is who can hang on the longest. We will show this game at the Open Day and use it afterwards to explore the relationship between exertion investment and particular game elements.


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Brainstorming ideas for peace.facebook

Thanks for contributing to today’s brainstorming session for the peace.facebook initiative, it was great fun!
Attached is a picture of the board where we posted all ideas. They will now be summarized and put forward to the peace.facebook initiative and then we’ll turn them into some great student projects.
Thanks again for participating, very inspiring!

User Experience in Games

In the User Experience in Games lecture organized by the Exertion Games Lab, students were challenged to redesign the hand-dryer experience in a playful way. They came up with some amazing ideas on how to turn a task-focused activity (how can we dry hands faster and more effectively?) into an engaging play experience, see the pictures.


Writing Club

Interested in getting writing done? Every morning, 9-10, Mo-Fr, the Exertion Games Lab offers the Writing Club, where you are invited to join others to “just write”, whether it be an academic paper, grant application etc., motivated simply by fellow writing-sufferer’s presence and the feeling of not writing alone. Writing Club – the next best thing after Fight Club.

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