PhD, Post-Doc and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenure) openings

More and more openings: PhD, Post-Doc (Research Fellow) and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (tenure, ongoing) openings (HCI, Interaction Design)
Melbourne, Australia

The Exertion Games Lab ( at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, is seeking exceptional PhD, Post-Doc (Research Fellow, fixed-term, research-only) and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (ongoing academic position, like tenured in other countries) candidates to research novel interfaces around digital play.

The Exertion Games Lab, directed by Prof. Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller (general co-chair of CHI 2020), researches the future of interfaces for playful experiences. Our research is focused on the merging of play, technology and the active human body, drawing from research streams such as interaction design, human-computer interaction and computer games research. We publish mostly at CHI, CHI PLAY, DIS, TEI, Ubicomp (IMWUT), and UIST. The Exertion Games Lab hosts weekly presentation, writing and reading group activities to support PhD candidates. We are also offering a large studio space to research and design in an open plan lab environment. We are looking at potential for creativity, excellence and drive.

The culture in the Exertion Games Lab is one of interdisciplinary
work. At the Exertion Games Lab, we do not just philosophize and write
about the future, we actively invent it. We emphasize the development
of working prototypes in order to fully understand what play is, why
we play, and how we will play in the future. We do this because we
believe playing is a fundamental part of what makes us
humans who we are, and an understanding of this brings us closer to
our vision of a better world filled with interactive technologies that
support human values.

You might find it useful to read about the lab’s vision: Mueller, F., Byrne, R., Andres, J., Patibanda, R. Experiencing the Body as Play. Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’18). ACM. Talk video. Best Paper Award (top 1%).

The Exertion Games Lab is part of the Computer-Human Interaction and Creativity Group within the new Human-Centred Computing department at Monash, a G8 research-intensive university (which was in the top 20 institutions at CHI’19, with a similar result to be expected at CHI’20 with 21 accepted long papers):

Phd scholarships are available according to the standard Australian Postgraduate Award rate of approx. AUD 28,000 per year. The Post-Docs (Research Fellows) positions and Lecturer openings are paid on Academic Level B ($AU 97,203 – $115,429 pa, plus 17% employer superannuation), with the Senior Lecturer openings at Level C ($121,453 – $140,044 pa, plus 17% employer superannuation).

Please submit an expression of interest, including CV and portfolio website if available by email to info at exertiongameslab dot org, with subject line “APPLICATION”.

For the PhD positions, applicants will first email an expression of interest, then apply to the general university admissions office. This two-step process ensures that we are able to endorse your application. Please also see:

For the Research Fellow position, please make contact through the above first if you have any questions, then apply here:

For the Lecturer/Senior Lecturer positions, please make contact through the above first if you have any questions, then apply here:

Deadline is 2nd March 2020 or until positions are filled.

We are looking forward to reading your applications!

The Exertion Games Lab