Our CHI’15 talks are online

Here are our CHI’15 talks (in temporal order):

Curmi, F., Whittle, J., Ferrario, M.A., Mueller, F. Crowdsourcing Synchronous Spectator Support: (go on, go on, you’re the best)n-1. CHI 2015

Jensen, M.M., Rasmussen, M.K., Gronbaek, K., Mueller, F. Keepin’ it Real: Challenges when Designing Sports-Training Games. CHI 2015

Mueller, F., Muirhead, M. Jogging with a quadcopter. CHI 2015

Khot, R., Lee, J., Hjort, L., Aggarwal, D., Mueller, F. TastyBeats: Designing Palatable Representations of Physical Activity. CHI 2015. BEST PAPER HONORABLE MENTION


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