Our CHI PLAY’17 publications now in the ACM Digital Library

Our CHI PLAY’17 publications are now in the ACM Digital Library:

Brandmueller, F., Li, Z. Guts Game – A Game using Ingestible Sensors. CHI PLAY 2017. Student Game Competition Finalist. 625-631.

Li, Z., Brandmueller, F., Mueller, F., Greuter, S. Ingestible Games – Swallowing a Digital Sensor to Play a Game CHI PLAY 2017. Work in Progress. 511-518.

Sargeant, B., Mueller, F., Dwyer, J. Using HTC Vive and TouchDesigner to Projection-Map Moving Objects in 3D Space: A Playful Participatory Artwork. CHI PLAY 2017. Spotlight. 1-11.

Patibanda, R., Mueller, F., Leskovsek, M., Duckworth, J. Life Tree: Understanding the Design of Breathing Exercise Games. CHI PLAY 2017. Long paper. 19-31.

Mueller, F., Tan, C., Byrne, R., Jones, M. 13 Game Lenses for Designing Diverse Interactive Jogging Systems. CHI PLAY 2017. Long paper. 43-56.



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