We will present the following works at CHI PLAY 2022 in Bremen, Germany:

Nisal, S., Patibanda, R., Saini, A., van den Hoven, E., Mueller, F. TouchMate: Understanding the Design of Body Actuating Games using Physical Touch. CHI PLAY 2022. Work-in-Progress. ACM. Talk video.

Montoya, M., Patibanda, R., Clashing, R., Pell, S., Mueller, F. Towards an Initial Understanding of the Design of Playful Water Experiences Through Flotation. CHI PLAY 2022. Work-in-Progess. ACM. Talk video.

Patibanda, R., van den Hoven, E., Mueller, F. Towards Understanding the Design of Body-Actuated Play. CHI PLAY 2022. Doctoral Consortium. ACM.