Press Nose To Start

7 PM – 10 PM // Monday // 21 May 2012
RMIT, 9.1.27

Next Monday, the Exertion Games Lab is hosting a special get-together event to celebrate 8 publications at the CHI conference in the USA and showcase some of our latest creations. Come play a collection of strange and wonderful digital games that focus on physical play!

Featuring both exciting new projects from the lab and games from the Radical Games class as well as international award-winning installations, these games will exert you while also confuse and delight the senses. Bring your friends and ready your noses. Everyone is welcome, pizza provided.
Special thanks to Alan Chatham and Harry Lee for organizing the evening.

RMIT, Building 9, Level 1, Room 27, Bowen Lane.

Come along and play some games!


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