Our works at DIS’16

We will present the following works at DIS 2016 (ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems) in Brisbane, Australia:

Khot, R.A., Andres, J., Lai, J., Kaenel, J.v. and Mueller, F. Fantibles: Capturing Cricket Fan’s Story in 3D. DIS 2016. Long paper. 883-894

Marshall, J., Dancu, A. and Mueller, F. Interaction in Motion: Designing Truly Mobile Interaction. DIS 2016. Long paper. 215-228

Byrne, R. Designing Digital Vertigo Games. DIS 2016 Conference Companion Publication. Doctoral Consortium. 25-26

Cheklin, M., Mueller, F. and Greuter, S. Designing Mediated Nurturing Play with Dogs to Alleviate Workplace Stress. DIS 2016 Conference Companion Publication. 153-156



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