CHI’15: Bring your jogging shoes for our Sports-HCI session!

We are again organizing a Special Interest Group (SIG) at CHI’15 in Seoul: “Understanding Sports-HCI by Going Jogging at CHI“. In keeping with this fun theme, we will be jogging around the conference venue while we discuss interactive technology and sports. We invite you to bring your running gear with you (and any tech like jogging apps, sportswatches, your own prototype, …) and we meet on

Wednesday, 22 Apr, 16:00 in front of room 318A (where you can leave your bags) and jog from there. We have done this twice in the past and everyone involved seemed to have enjoyed this “alternative” format of a SIG while getting some exercise at CHI.

We’ll be running for approx. 30min and we have plans to accommodate those who want to jog slow/fast/further/not that long etc. All jogging levels will be catered for!

More and more technologies are emerging that aim to support sports activities, for example there are jogging apps, cycling computers and quadcopters for sportspeople to videorecord their actions. These new technologies appear to become more and more popular, yet interaction design knowledge how to support the associated exertion experiences is still limited. In order to bring practitioners and academics interested in sports-HCI together and examine the topic “in the wild”, we propose to go outside and jog around the CHI venue while using and discussing some of these new technologies. The goal is to investigate and shape the future of the field of sports-HCI.

PDF submission:
Understanding Sports-HCI by Going Jogging at CHI



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