CHI PLAY’15 accepted submissions

CHI PLAY’15 in London will include the following works from us, incl. a Best Paper Nomination:

Hamalainen, P., Marshall, J., Kajastila, R., Byrne, R. and Mueller, F. Utilizing Gravity in Movement-Based Games and Play. CHI PLAY’15. ACM, 67-77. Best Paper Nomination

Raffe, W.L., Tamassia, M., Zambetta, F., Li, X., Pell, S.J. and Mueller, F. Player-Computer Interaction Features for Designing Digital Play Experiences across Six Degrees of Water Contact. CHI PLAY’15. ACM, 295-305

Byrne, R. Vertigo as a Design Resource for Bodily Play. CHI PLAY’15 Doctoral Consortium. ACM, 399-402

Alavesa, P., Schmidt, J., Fedosov, A., Byrne, R. and Mueller, F. Air Tandem: A Collaborative Bodily Game Exploring Interpersonal Synchronization. CHI PLAY’15 Work in Progress. ACM, 433-438

Andres, J., Lai, J.C. and Mueller, F. Guiding Young Players As Designers. CHI PLAY’15 Work in Progress. ACM, 445-450.


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