2 more publications: Ubicomp’13

2 more publications for the Exertion Games Lab: Amy, Alan and Rohit are going to Ubicomp, the premier conference in the field of ubiquitous and pervasive computing. Acceptance rate was 18%. Amy also received a travel award, and Rohit was accepted to the doctoral consortium.

Huggard, A., De Mel, A., Garner, J., Toprak, C., Chatham, A., Mueller, F. 2013. Musical Embrace: Exploring Social Awkwardness in Digital Games. Ubicomp 2013. Note. 4 pages. Video.

Chatham, A., Mueller, F. 2013. Adding an Interactive Display to a Public Basketball Hoop can Motivate Players and Foster Community. Ubicomp 2013. Long paper. 10 pages. Video.


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