2 more journal articles

2 new journal articles appeared in the “Games for Health” journal, especially the first one summarizes a lot of the work coming out of the lab directly; congratulations David and Rohit for their involvement:

Mueller, F., Altimira, D. and Khot, R.A. Reflections on the Design of Exertion Games. Games for Health Journal. Liebert, 4(1), p.3-7.

Straker, L.M., Fenner, A.A., Howie, E.K., Feltz, D.L., Gray, C.M., Lu, A.S., Mueller, F., Simons, M. and Barnett, L.M. Efficient and Effective Change Principles in Active Videogames. Games for Health Journal. Liebert, 4(1), p43-52.


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