Publication successes

There are several great publication successes to report. They occurred at the end of last year, so the announcement comes in a batch, but nevertheless congratulations to everyone involved! Mads presented at OzCHI in Newcastle, Australia, Jayden at CHI PLAY in Toronto, Canada (with Rich also having a co-authored paper there), Rich presented at ICEC and so did Will at IE (Interactive Entertainment) in Sydney, and David from HitlabNZ presented our collaborative paper at ACE (Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology) in Funchal, Madeira. Well done everyone!

Altimira, D., Mueller, F., Lee, G., Clarke, J., Billinghurst, M. Towards Understanding Balancing in Exertion Games. ACE 2014. Long paper. 8 pages.

Goddard, W., Byrne, R. and Mueller, F. Playful Game Jams: Guidelines for Designed Outcomes. Interactive Entertainment 2014. Long paper. 10 pages.

Byrne, R., Mueller, F. 2014. Designing Digital Climbing Experiences through Understanding Rock Climbing Motivation. Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2014, Springer. Long paper. 92-99.

Finnegan, D.J., Velloso, E., Mitchell, R., Mueller, F., Byrne, R. Reindeer & Wolves: Exploring Sensory Deprivation in Multiplayer Digital Bodily Play. CHI PLAY 2014. Work-in-Progress. 411-412.

Garner, J., Wood, G., Danilovic, S., Hammer, J., Mueller, F. intangle: Exploring Interpersonal Bodily Interactions through Sharing Controllers. CHI PLAY 2014. Work-in-Progress. 413-414.

Jensen, M.M. and Mueller, F. Running with technology: Where are we heading? OzCHI 2014. Long paper. 527-530




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